The Sunrise Children’s Village (SCV) are currently located in three villages, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville in Cambodia. The SCV foundation, founded by the wonderful Geraldine Cox in 1993 and was created to provide education, medical care and a wonderful home for orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable and under privileged Cambodian children.

For me, it started when I read an amazing book, written by Geraldine, called “Home is where the heart is”, a true story and account of her life, trials and wonderful beginnings in founding the charity that is Sunrise.

This inspired me to contact Geraldine and offer support for the charity which took the form of a photograph shoot of the children of Sunrise. I had one thing in my mind, to photograph the children in and around the wonderful place that is Cambodia and especially the spiritual and majestic Angkor Wat.

The photographic journey, entitled “Awakening”, my very first exhibition, was held on the 27th June 2007 in Hong Kong.
With the help of my husband and amazing friends, I managed to photograph the children, capturing the real energy, love and passion that is inherent within the children and existent within the ruins of Angkor.

Due to the fantastic support of friends and the generous donations of the people of Hong Kong we managed to raise sufficient funds to provide SCV with a fully equipped kitchen extension within the facility in Phnom Penh, where previously the children had to prepare and eat from the concrete floor on two small gas ring cookers.

For a small contribution of my time I am forever grateful to Geraldine, the children of Sunrise and the amazing friends and generous people of Hong Kong which allowed us to make a difference for the children in need.

The “Awakening” exhibition was replicated in the Sydney Opera House, Australia, in 2009 and in Melbourne in 2011 to raise much needed funds for the children of Sunrise.

Donation and sponsorship details:
For those who would like to kindly donate to the Sunrise Children’s Village, by purchasing a photograph from the exhibition, please visit the link on my website (TBC)
Alternatively, you can sponsor a child direct. Please click here.

Take a look at a selection of photographs from Awakening Exhibition below

Awakening Exhibition Sydney
HK Awakening Photos